Thursday, August 25, 2016

Multimedia :: How to Download Movies Fast!

Watching movies can be one of the most comfortable experience. Just Imagine relaxing in your favourite armchair with someone you love, enjoying a really good, Oscar nominated movie. You know... the ones you saw only recently and you start to think you?re the main character of the movie.

 Watching and downloading TV and movies legally on your PCcan be a great resource, especially now that great websites are coming online where you can watch or download great movies in a legal way. But hold on! Before you spend the next month watching every Hollywood Blockbuster released over ten years, there are a few easy things you can do to speed up the time spent downloading them and even increase the download time!  

 Firstly, I would strongly recommend you close all browser windows and other programmes you may have running in the background. This is only until you learn the other stuff we recommend to get your download speed up! Then you can feel free to carry on as normal whilst your movie is downloading in the background....

Secondlyl, we always recommend you actually download two of your favourite movies at the same time. This works great because it creates a "race" between the two and we often find that in most cases it actually increases the speed at which a single download would go.

 Thirdly, be sure to check that you have;

 A) Available memory on your harddrive, how irritating would it be to have spent the last couple of hours downloading your movies only to get the message "not enough disk space" one minute before the end? Ensure you have atleast 2 GB for a single movie, and a minimum of 750Mb.

 B) Available time to download. If you?re going to download a movie, depending on how fast your internet connection is, your going to need from 30 minutes to several hours to download a full movie file. On average, if you are downloading a movie at 38 Kb/s it can take around 7 hours, against the 12 minutes if you?re downloading it at 1.5MB/s.

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 If you get yourself organised and ensure everything is set, downloading movies online will be an easy task for you.
 1 word of advice; always make sure you download your movies from a legal source and don?t make illegal copies to sell!

How to use GameKiller on Android ? (Video Guide)

How to use GameKiller on Android? (Video Guide) – GameKiller is an Android application which will help you to hack Offline android game coins, money, gems, etc… If your question is ‘How to use GameKiller ?’ then your answer is here, Just wait a minute! By using game killer, you can hack coins/keys of Subway Surfers, Gems/Diamonds of Temple run, In short you can hack any game which is having some numerical integer like coins, money, gems, etc..

Important Notes About GameKiller:

  • GameKiller will not work for Online Games like Teen Patti and Hayday.
  • For using GameKiller, you will need a Rooted android device.
Don’t know, What is an Android Rooting? (Click the link to know about Android rooting and its benefits.)

How to use GameKiller? 

  • Download GameKiller APK and Install it to your Android device.
  • Before opening Game killer make sure that your device is rooted properly otherwise GameKiller will not work.
  • I made this video tutorial about “How to use GameKiller on Android ?” so that you can get the procedure easily. This video will show you how to Hack Temple Run’s gemswith the game killer. So let’s dive into the video guide 😀
  • As I’ve done with temple run’s gems you can do with any game like Subway Surfers, Hill Climb Race or any game which you want to hack by following this simple way!
Enjoy unlimited coins and gems with GameKiller and don’t forget to like, share and comment on this video guide if it really helps you.